This is a live journal about live theatre & drama. I'll be writing frequently about theatre & it's presence in our lives - cultural, communal, traditional, spiritual & religious - and how it affects our perceptions of the immediate world which we live in as well as the world which we seldom, if ever, participate in.

As I just created this blog - today/ May 29th - there won't be anything posted here until later. Meanwhile I'll be figuring out how I want this page to look & how to make it look the way I'm imagining it, so there will be some tweaking & tweezing going on.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It has taken some time to get things in order so I can begin writing and posting to this site. Changes. It has a been whirlwind of organizing activity around here, trying to get things done. Maybe it's the fall, which for some reason tends to be my time to start doing spring cleaning, although six months late. Maybe it's because I'm starting a new job, which always seems to place undue weight upon my brain to get stuff finalized as much as possible while I still have the chance, otherwise it may all get left aside for who knows how long. And here I am now, trying to write an entry for a blog that I've had at least since spring. It's all abit like doing your taxes at the last minute.